transporting drinks by bicycle


This post is a slight departure from the backpacking trip reports and outdoor gear posts I normally put up. It is related to living an outdoor life. I’ve been using the bicycle for grocery runs of varying sizes for the past few years.

This morning there was (is?) a great sale at Surdyk’s Liquor and Cheese shop in Minneapolis, MN. We have some guests coming over in a few weeks and my one bottle of whiskey is on it’s last breaths. My girlfriend wanted to get some locally made alcohol for entertaining.

So this morning, I donned my trusty and sturdy backpack and biked to the store. I doubt it took much more time to bike than to take the train or bus. It is definitely faster to drive, but then again, I’m powering the transportation with my own muscles. Does that allow me to subtract time otherwise spent in the gym? =)

How did I carry the drinks?

As I would any fragile glass bottle, I wrapped it up. The point of this post is that I used a neoprene laptop case for wrapping the bottle of gin. This kept it from bumping into other bottles and cracking, added some protection, and theoretically would help keep the mess somewhat contained should it spring a leak.


What are some mistakes I have made?

Milk bottles are not that sturdy. On my last grocery run, I thought that by laying the milk jug on its side, I would be maximizing the space in the bag (which technically I did). However, when I got home, the jug leaked about a quart of milk. Luckily, the plastic bag prevented most of the milk from spilling onto the butter, cheese, flowers, spinach, bananas, apples, eggs, that also occupied the bag. The top didn’t break off at all. In fact, it felt just as sturdy opening it up as if nothing had happened.

The chrome backpack has a waterproof liner, which allowed me to relatively easily wash it out and rinse it.

Check out this growler run on a fat bike.


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