Should I ski and snowshoe, or telemark to Yosemite Ostrander Ski Hut?

Hi all,

A couple of friends and I haven’t seen each other in a few months. I’m headed out this January to do a cross country ski trip at the Ostrander Ski Hut in California. I think it’s going to be fun, and at least has been a way for us to keep in touch and work on something ‘together’ online now that we live far apart.

Anyway, was looking out for any tips that people may have regarding cross country ski trips or Ostrander in particular.

Here I’ll be compiling a gear list:

#1 cardio lungs…lol…it’s 10 miles xcountry skiing uphill. I did a misplaced adventure last year trying out xc skiing at a local park. I think the well groomed course was like 2 miles. My lungs were shot. Good reminder to get back in the running game this weekend.

avalanche probe / beacon, shovel? – I wonder are these really necessary? Probably WON’T be doing crazy skiing, so I doubt it.

should I buy telemark skis (~$150 used), climbing skins, etc
rent / buy snowshoes ($40)
rent / buy used xcountry skis ($100)

ski pants
insulated down jacket – I wonder what temperatures to expect in January in Yosemite? Since moving to Minnesota, I’ve gotten (had to get) better acclimated to cold weather.

tent, sleeping bag, quart of water (plastic bottle with insulation)

dry bag – bought a few ON THE CHEAP when I went to Boundary Waters.

Going to update this post as I get further along in planning. Subscribe to the blog and I’ll let you know of occasional updates. =)

Links of other Ostrander trips that people have done:


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