Mississippi River Trail ‘secrets’

Probably not a secret to locals, but I stumbled into a weird network of rock outcroppings and dirt trails that runs parallel to the Mississippi River Trail in the Cities. Doesn’t look like it’s maintained or safe at all, so proceed at your own risk.


Was waiting at this bench when I noticed a little outlook.


Pretty cool built area with railing.


View from below. What do I mean? If you kinda work around (won’t give exact details here but you can message me or comment) there’s a short access down which ends like this:


You can kinda work your way down the rocks. Here’s a picture looking up from the rocks below.



My bag on the rock outcropping from the fourth picture in the post. I’m not particularly scared of heights, but it was kinda freaky going over that gap.


Coming back up the rocks. Anytime I’ve gone off a path, I’ve noticed it’s almost always harder to go back the way you came, lol. Going up is usually a little easier than coming down, and here there are cracked, crumbling, brittle rocks you can use as footholds.

If it were a normal path that I knew, working my way down would not be too difficult. What made it kinda adventurous (and worth posting) was the novelty. I’m trying to encourage that sense of excitement in myself. Finding something new, being a little afraid to try it, and then going for it. Like I’ve written before part of mplsadventures is about finding misplaced lol adventures in your own backyard, without having to travel miles and miles for an epic trip.

Since I found this one, I’ve noticed other access points as well. I don’t want them to be blocked off, so stay safe. It’s really nice. It’s like being transported from the city to a wooded forest. As with all hiking / walks…stay safe. Let someone know where you are, what you plan to do, and when you plan to get back. When in doubt, be safe.

That said, go out and have fun.

Has anyone else explored these paths? Any recommendations or gps coordinates of locations / access. I won’t post if you don’t want me too and I’m willing to share the ones I have found / not share yours.
Here’s that view again. Hope you find yours.



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